The Moon in HD-observe "Luna"

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This video sounds like a Moon melody :)
It is the Moon filmed with a HD camera through my 8" newtonian telescope.
Images are not stabilized in Sony Vegas, because back then in 2010 Sony Vegas 10 did not came out.

Earth's nearest neighbor in space is, of course, the Moon.
Angular diameter of the Moon as seen from Earth is about 30 minutes of arc. Is 30 times the angular resolution of the human eye.That means that some of the biggest features on the Moon, such as the large seas, can be seen with the naked eye. If you use binoculars or a smaller telescope, they allow much more detail to be seen.



Name: The Moon in HD
Video was made on 1 october 2010.
Telescope I used is 8" newtonian Celestron.
Eyepiece: Super Plossl 20 mm.
Total Magnification: min: 50x  max: 500x

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